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Guitars of a Feather Flock Together

By February 20, 2016Agile Guitars

So for fun we have done a lot of digging, or internet sleuthing, if you will to find out more about the whole guitar manufacturing industry.

One of the things that got us thinking about this was our instagram account.  If you don’t follow us already check us out @electricguitarcity.

Anyhow one of the things we noticed when seeing all the different guitar related instagram accounts out there is that there are a lot of brands of guitar out there.

Intepro 727

Intepro 727

We noticed a lot of guys that had Agile guitars also were really up on Shecters or Ibanez and many other brands of guitars.

That got us to thinking about how we wonder where all these guitars are made.

 It was quite interesting what we found out to say the least. 

 Did you know that a lot of these guitars are made in the same factory.  That is right!  There is one factory in particular in South Korea that make a lot of these guitars. 

For example from what we found out Agile Guitars and Shecter guitars (at least some of their models) are made in the same factory.

We found out that the factory that produces those guitars actually produces a lot of very well know brands of guitars.

One of the other things that got us interested in this was some of the reviews we read online about some of these guitars.

Now online reviews always need to taken with a grain of salt.  This is espescially true when you have one person posting on multiple sites trashing product x while singing the praises of product y.

We came across this the other day where a poster was claiming the quality of guitar x was terrible while guitar y was awesome.

Now the poster could have been a legitimate poster or could have been hired by company y to give negative reviews of company x.

Yes this does happen on the internet!

The thing we found kind of amusing is that from our research both guitar x and guitar y are made in the exact same factory!

This would tend to make us think that perhaps the poster of the comment may not be so legitimate.

The other point we would like to get across is feel confident in buying an Agile Guitar.  They are made in the exact same factory as many other quality brands of guitars.

When you buy an Agile you are definitely not buying a sketchy guitar made in some sketchy place to some sketchy standards.

The guys who build these guitars know what they are doing and they build a helluva lot of guitars!

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