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How Many Guitars Is Enough?

By November 4, 2011All
SX furrian3pu

sx leoThe answer it seems, no matter how many guitars you have, is always one more!  When you have one guitar you are there is still always that other guitar that you would also like to have and that really doesn’t change when you have two guitars, three guitars or twenty guitars.  You still always find another guitar that you want.

Now this can become a very expensive hobby as many guitars are not cheap.  If you are buying genuine Fenders and Gibson’s , let’s say, than this could be something that costs you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars depending on how many guitars you acquire in your collection.  Might we add that we are very jeolous if you can afford to do that!

For the rest of us, that don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to spend on a guitar collection there is still hope!  There is hope for those of us that maybe only have hundreds of dollars to spend on a guitar collection.  Have you every heard of Agile guitars or SX guitars?  Well if you want quantity in your guitar collection but don’t want to sacrifice quality than these are the guitars for you.

You can pick up an Agile Al 2000 for just over $200!  This is a great Les Paul style guitar that comes with Grover tuners and excellent materials and construction.  They are raved about on many online forums for their excellent quality and playability at a low price.  SX guitars are much the same and many can be purchased for under $200.  SX offers guitars in all different styles from Stratocaster and Telecaster style guitars to Ibanez style shredding guitars.  For $500 you could buy maybe two or three guitars!

We know what some of you are thinking.  Yes they are not real Fenders or Les Paul’s or Ibanez’s but who cares, it’s fun to make your dollar go further and to be able to afford two or three guitars instead of just one guitar.  This way you don’t get bored just playing the same guitar all the time.  You can experience and expirement with the different sounds and nuances of different guitars.  How fun is that!

You can find Agile and SX guitars at Rondomusic.com.