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Is The Agile AL 3000 Really That Great?

By October 24, 2015Agile AL 3000
Agile AL 3000 Really That Great

Agile AL 3000 Really That Great

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Agile guitars are made by Rondo Music.  Rondo Music is an online music store that sells guitars direct to the consumer and thus can offer really low prizes.  The Agile Al 3000 is a Les Paul style guitar that many guitarist rave about.

How Does It Stack Up To a Gibson Les Paul?

Some say it might be better and some say it is definitely not as good.  Really, it probably depends greatly on which Gibson model you are comparing the Agile Al 3000 to.  The Agile Al 3000 probably is on par or better than some of the Gibson Les Paul’s without considering the price of either of the guitars.  The Agile Al 3000 probably is not as good as some of the higher end Gibson Les Paul’s.  Okay, who are we kidding, for sure it is not as good as many of the higher end Gibson Les Paul’s.  However, when you start factoring in the price of the Agile Al 3000 against the price of the Gibson Les Paul the Agile Al 3000 the gap between the Agile and Gibson, which isn’t like huge to begin with, shrinks even further especially when you compare the Agile Al 3200.

How Does the Agile AL 3000 Stack Up To an Epiphone Les Paul?

It’s not even close.  The Agile Al 3000 is the only choice in this comparison.  When you factor in price and the features and construction of the AL 3000 vs the Epiphone the choice is an easy one.  Get the Agile Al 3000 all day long if you are considering an Agile Al 3000 or an Epiphone Les Paul.

How Does it Stack Up To Other Les Paul Copies?

Really the Agile Al 3000 and the Agile models offered in the 3000 series are the best Les Paul style guitars out there.  If you are considering a Les Paul copy guitar than really the Agile Al 3000 guitars are your only choice.  For the price and the features you get with the Agile Guitar it is isn’t really worth looking elsewhere.  This is especially true if you are a musician on a budget.

So Is The Agile AL 3000 Great?

Hey, beauty is in the eye of the beholder right?  Like previously mentioned everybody has an opinion and opinion’s differ on the Agile AL 3000.  However, when you really go out and look at what people are saying about the Agile Al 3000 the feedback is overwhelmingly good and positive.  So yes, the Agile Al 3000 is great!  Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend getting one.