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Left Handed 8 String Agile

By January 24, 2016Agile Guitars

The Agile Septor 827 is a great guitar for left handed players

Left Handed 8 String Agile

Left Handed 8 String Agile

The Agile guitar brand is one that has gained popularity over the last decade and become a very popular guitar for those looking for 7, 8 or 9 string guitars.

The Agile Septor 827 is no exception.  Offered here in a left handed configuration, the Septor is constructed of a double cutaway mahogany arch top body.

The 827 label tells us that the guitar has 8 strings and if offered in a 27 inch scale.  The neck is constructed of a 3 piece, maple bolt-on neck with a 15” radius and rosewood fretboard.

It Gets Better:

The pickups are a Cepheus“Alpha” passive pickup in the bridge and a Cepheus“Beta” in the neck.

One of the nice things Agile thought of in the construction of this guitar is that the cavity has been routed large enough from the factory to accommodate additional electronics if you choose to do modifications to the guitar in the future.

The guitar uses a string through body setup with staggered string-through holes for improved intonation.

Other Features:

 Some other nice features of the Septor 827 is that it comes with a dual adjustable truss rods and Grover tuners.

Left Handed 8 String Agile

Left Handed 8 String Agile

This guitar is manufactured in South Korea and offered only online.  The direct sales model that Rondo Music incorporates is one of the reasons that they can offer their guitars considerably cheaper than other brands with similar guitars and higher overhead. The total length of the guitar is 42 ½” and the guitar weighs in at a beefy 10lbs.

Some customers reported that the neck was heavier than the body.  As a result they had to make sure the strap they were using was strong enough and adjusted properly so the guitar wouldn’t take a neck dive and possibly hurt the neck.

Many customers also reported that the Agile Septor 827 helped up well for gigging and playing live shows.

If you are looking for a left handed 8 string Agile than we would recommend taking a strong and long look at the Agile Septor 827.

This guitar packs a lot of features and is offered at a very affordable price that is hard to beat.

There are many other left handed cheap electric guitars for sale that you can look at.  However, the Agile Septor is a combination of features, quality construction and affordability that is definitely worth checking out.