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Les Paul or Agile Guitar?

By October 24, 2015Guitarists
Les Paul or Agile Guitar

Les Paul or Agile Guitar

The Les Paul guitar is one of the standards in the electric guitar world.  There are others like the Fender Stratocaster  and Telecaster but pretty much all electric guitars are a derivative of those guitars in some way.

If you want to one of those guitars in it’s original form or a reissue of some sort you need to be prepared to fork over a lot of money.  If you have lots of discretionary funds lying around then you probably don’t care and will just go get one!  However, there is a segment of the guitar playing population that cannot afford one of the previously mentioned guitars.   These people need to know about Agile Guitars.  Agile guitars could potentially save their lives! There are actual formula’s to figure out which segment you are part of if you are not sure.  They are as follows:

Wife + Kids = Agile Guitars

In school + student loans = Agile Guitars

There are other formulas but these are two of the most popular.  If one of those formulas applies to you then that is a good indicator that you should probably check out Agile guitars.

Let’s look at these formulas a little close starting with the first one.  If you have a wife and kids, that probably means you also have a house and a car also.  Now your kids have to eat and they toys or clothes or this, that and the next thing, all of which cost money.  Your wife needs to shop and get her hair done and nails done and vacations.  It ain’t cheap!  Let’s face it your wife will be royally pissed if you go max out the credit card on an original 65 Les Paul Standard gold top and now she can’t go on vacation or get her nails done.  Let’s be honest Agile guitars could possibly save your marriage.  When she sees how little you spent on an Agile guitar she will respect you.  You will remain master of your domain and king of your domicile!  Buying an Agile guitar with promote peace in the home and your children will prosper from the loving environment.  An Agile guitar is a no brainer!

Agile guitars can help just as much with the second formula.  If you are in school and have student loans you are in a world of hurt.  Going to college is great but also expensive.  You know how pissed your parents will be if you spend you rack up your student loans on guitars rather than your education?  You definitely do not want to find out!  In this case buying an Agile guitar could possibly save the relationship you have with your parents.  You’ll still have money for drinks on the weekends and you may even make money if you join a band and get some gigs!

At any rate buying an Agile guitar vs a Les Paul puts money in your pocket.