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Les Paul under 500

Can you get a Les Paul under 500?  Well that depends if it is a Gibson Les Paul or an Epiphone Les Paul.  These days it will probably be hard to find even a decent Epiphone Les Paul guitar under $500.

These days as things just seem to get more and more expensive while salaries for the average joe just seem to stay the same there is a Les Paul style guitar out there that you can get for under $500 that isn’t a piece of junk.

In fact not only is it not a piece of junk but rather it is a high quality instrument that will give guitars that are thousands more a run for their money!

I am talking about the Agile AL guitars of Agile Guitar fame!  The Agile guitars are some of the highest quality and yet affordable guitars out there that you can get your hands on.

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These are Les Paul style guitars that are will really surprise you if you are not familiar with them already.   They come with some very high quality materials and components like Grover tuners, solid mahogany bodies, cream binding, nickel hardware, dual adjustable truss rod and alnico pickups.

The Agile AL 3200, which is the premier guitar in the Agile AL lineup, can be purchased for $499.99.  This is a neck through body construction Agile Guitar which provides superior sustain.

The AL 3100 is at step below the 3200 and can be purchased for just $399.99.  This is a great guitar in it’s own right and has many of the same features as the AL 3200 but instead has a set neck.

The Agile AL 3010 is the next up and is offered for only $329.99.  This guitar also is very solid and is especially awesome when you consider the price point.

The AL 2500 is a very stout entry guitar at only $259.  You really have to play this guitar to appreciate the quality of it.  Once you play it you will wonder how they can offer it at such an affordable price.

The AL 1900 is the entry level Agile Guitar.  You can pick up an Agile AL 1900 for $229.  It has many of the same features as the other Agile’s except it has a bolt on neck.

Don’t hesitate to check them out and see more information at electricguitarcity.com