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Looking for a Cheap Telecaster Guitar?

By January 24, 2016Agile Guitars
Cheap Telecaster Guitar

Cheap Telecaster Guitar

A Fender Telecaster is something pretty much everyone that plays guitar wants to have in their collection.  It really is an understated yet beautiful looking guitar.

There is something very rock’n’roll about it.

The fact that it has played such a big part in laying the foundation of rock makes it a must have.

From a more practical standpoint the Telecaster is so simple and produces such a great sound that it is an easy guitar to take with you on the go.

It is simple, lightweight and produces great sound.  It feels like a working man’s guitar.  It is almost better the more beat up it is.

The Darn Thing Is Expensive:

When you look at the price of a genuine Fender Telecaster it may give you pause about half-hazardly lugging it around or keeping one at the cabin to noodle around with and not caring too much if it gets a scrape or scratch on it.

So if you are looking for a cheap telecaster that is going to be a guitar that you can enjoy playing, take it with you places but not have to carry it around in a bullet proof case and wipe it down with a diaper after every use than you may want to consider a telecaster copy.

Cheap Telecasters:

If you haven’t already we suggest checking out the SX guitars by Rondo music.  If you are looking for a cheap telecaster that is well made yet still affordable than the SX Taurus is worth looking at.

Rondo Music has been around for a long time and are very well known for their Agile guitars.

They also make SX guitars which offer so very quality guitars at a very low price point.

The SX Taurus has a light weight, one piece, American swamp ash body.

The neck on the guitar is one piece and is made from Canadian maple.

As with a Fender Telecaster the SX Taurus has a great tone for rock, jazz, blues, country or whatever else you want to play.

The guitar has 21 frets with dot inlay fret markers.  The body has a pearlizedpickguard and a chrome covered mini single coil pickup and a standard single coil pickup.

The SX Tauras has a string-through body bridge with adjustable saddles to allow for string height, radius and intonation adjustments.

In addition, the neck has an adjustable truss rod though the one piece neck requires the neck to be removed to adjust the trus rod.

The guitar comes in a couple different finishes, which you can check out HERE and HERE.

The best part about the SX Taurus is the price.  It is super affordable.  You may even ask yourself how can they even make a guitar that is any good for that cheap?

Rondo music uses a direct sales model.  This allows Rondo music to sell directly to you without a middle-man and the middle man mark up.  Without this direct sales model this guitar would be 2 to 3 times more than the price it is offered at now.