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Looking to Leave a Legacy

agile legacy 727

Don’t Miss Your Chance To Have A Legacy – Agile Legacy

agile legacy 727

Did you hear North Korea has nukes?  

Might be time to get your affairs in order and think about your legacy.

By legacy we mean Agile Legacy.  If you have one you should think about it.  Maybe go pick it up and light off some riffs!  If you don’t have an Agile Legacy well maybe you should consider getting one.  I mean North Korea has nukes and we may not be around much longer.

If you are going to get one, might as well be now, because you may not have that much time left.

Let’s take a closer look at one…shall we?

agile legacyAgile Legacy 727

First off this is a 27″ scale guitar with a 3mm solid maple top.

The body is made of mahogany and comes in a double cutaway configuration.

The neck is bolted on to the body and has a Rosewood fretboard with position markers on the side of the neck.  The headstock is reversed to give the guitar an aggressive look.

The guitar also comes with an adjustable truss rod that allows for adjustment in playability.

As for hardware the tuners are Grovers and the bridge is a Cepheus T07 wide throw tune-o-matic.  The pickups are Cepheus passive 7 humbuckers.

The Agile Legacy 727 comes in a variety of finishes.

You just never know what the world is coming to.  If you don’t think North Korea should have nukes then you might like the price of this guitar.

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