11 string bass guitar

11 String Bass Guitar

We came across this video and just had to share it with everyone.  This video is pretty popular so you may have seen it already but it is still pretty amazing to see this guy play an 11 string bass guitar!  The guy playing the bass is Jean Baudin.  From the video it looks like he […]

interceptor pro 727

7 String Guitar

When it comes to which guitar is the best 7 string guitar there are many options to choose from.  In fact, it is really hard to narrow it down to just one guitar that is the best 7 string guitar.  Many factors play into the best 7 string guitar such as what do you want to […]

Agile guitar

Agile Al 3200 Review

Many people believe if you are going to get a Les Paul it has to be a Gibson. Let’s face it, for most of us the Gibson Les Paul is the Holy Grail of guitars.  Heck, if money were no option we would own one too.  In fact, we still want to own one someday […]

8 string guitar

8 String Guitar

Because 8 is great! If you are in the market for an eight string guitar than check out the Agile Pendulum Elite 82730 Black Flame.  This is a guitar to behold and really good value for the money! First thing you notice when looking at this guitar is that it comes with some really impressive features. […]

SX guitars

SX Guitars – One of the Best Deals You Will Ever Find

If you haven’t already than check out SX Guitars.  For the price you can’t beat these guitars.  In fact, you can pay a lot more for a guitar with all the features an SX guitar has.  We really like SX guitars for the person that is may be a beginner who is looking for a […]

Cheap electric guitars

Cheap Electric Guitars

Cheap electric guitars.  Usually when one imagines cheap electric guitars the first thing that comes to mind is a piece of junk that warrants the term cheap electric guitar.  You get what you pay for right?  If you want to get a decent quality guitar than be prepared to pay for it. What you might […]

Agile Intrepid pro 828

Agile Intrepid Pro 828

Yeah baby!  The Agile Intrepid Pro 828 EB EMG Bloodburst is available now!  This is great news for all of you looking for a kick ass 8 string guitar.  And this 8 string guitar definitly delivers in the kick ass department. Just look at this thing!  It screams bad ass!  The question you have to ask yourself […]

agile 12 string guitars

Agile 12 String Guitars

Agile 12 string guitar There is nothing else that sounds quite as beautiful as the soothing sounds coming from a 12 string guitar.  Often times when you are playing your favourite six string you just long for something more.  You wish that the sound coming from the guitar just filled the room that much more. […]

interceptor pro 727

Agile Interceptor Pro 727

Guitars that have more than the conventional six strings have grown in popularity.  For many, a seven string guitar is the tool of choice these days.  The seventh string is excellent for tuning down to get those heavy, grungy sounds. Rondomusic makes some great seven string guitars.  In particular, we like the Agile Interceptor Pro […]


Guitar Legend – Eddie Van Halen

Ask any guitar player, which guitarist has changed the game more than any other in the last 30 years and the answer you will get is Edward Van Halen.  EVH brought a style of playing to the guitar that had not been seen or heard before.  For those of us that were around when EVH […]