Stevie Ray Vaughn – Greatest Guitarist

“That’s a Cold Shot Babe”, is a great song.  Stevie Ray Vaughn, or SRV, is a great guitarist.  He took Jimmy Hendrix’s “Little Wing” and took it to a whole other level.  SRV is a guitar legend.  It’s impossible to pick just one guy as the greatest guitarist of all time.  Rather there are a […]

5 Reasons Why Your Guitar Is An Extension Of You

Your Agile Guitar is so much more than just a musical instrument.  By itself it is just an object but when you play it, it turns into a living, breathing thing that almost takes on a life of its own.  You feel a connection with your guitar and it becomes a part of who you are.  […]

What’s The Big Deal With Agile Guitars?

If you have been searching for a new guitar but are a little light on funds than you have probably come across the name Agile Guitars.  These guitars are raved about in online forums all over the internet because of what you get at a price that is fractions of what you would pay for […]

The Guitar Is An Exquisite Instrument

The Agile Guitar is an exquisite instrument.  The sweet soulful sounds of a well built guitar can have a variety of effects of a person.  The tones can bring you up and take you off to the top of the mountain or bring you down into the depths of a valley. The guitar is truly […]

Rockabilly With Agile AS 2000S

On a recent trip to Disneyland California we found ourselves wandering through Cars land.  Hearing the sweet sounds of rockabilly, country and swing music dance through the air gave us the hankering to get our hands on a nice jazz guitar.  Yes, the jazz guitar can be used for more than just jazz! In fact, […]

Les Paul Under $500?

Can you get a Les Paul under 500?  Well that depends if it is a Gibson Les Paul or an Epiphone Les Paul.  These days it will probably be hard to find even a decent Epiphone Les Paul guitar under $500. These days as things just seem to get more and more expensive while salaries […]

Les Paul or Agile Guitar?

The Les Paul guitar is one of the standards in the electric guitar world.  There are others like the Fender Stratocaster  and Telecaster but pretty much all electric guitars are a derivative of those guitars in some way. If you want to one of those guitars in it’s original form or a reissue of some […]

Is The Agile AL 3000 Really That Great?

For more info on the Agile AL 3000Go Here Agile guitars are made by Rondo Music.  Rondo Music is an online music store that sells guitars direct to the consumer and thus can offer really low prizes.  The Agile Al 3000 is a Les Paul style guitar that many guitarist rave about. How Does It […]

How To Clean Your Guitar

Time to Clean that Dirty Guitar! You have been playing like a madman for weeks on end and your guitar is soiled from your grimy fingers and sweat.  It’s time to clean that axe and get it looking shiny and new again. Keep that guitar looking tip-top. It’s a good idea to clean your  Agile […]

Wicked Guitarist: Steve Stevens

He has been providing hot licks and screaming solos for Billy Idol for years.  Heck he even fronted for Vince Neil during that time Motley Crue was on hiatus. He has also collaborated with Sebastien Bach, Michael Jackson and Robert Palmer.  Steve Stevens is one of the great guitarists of the last 30 years.  He […]