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Straight up awesome Les Paul inspired guitars. For the price and quality these Agile guitars are no brainers!

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When six just won't do! Great quality 7 string guitars at phenomenal prices. Lots of eye candy here!

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Get mean and dirty! You want a more than decent 8 string guitar but still want decent prices? You have come to the right place.

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9 string guitars are going to set you back some money. However Agile has figured out a way to offer a quality 9 string guitar at a fraction of the price by selling them direct!

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Hurry because these prices won't last! Get Agile guitars, parts and accessories offered below the already great prices. Save up to 40%

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Agile guitars review

Guitar Impressions

My Impression of Agile Guitars   For those of us musicians that perhaps are blessed or cursed, you might say, with the love for playing guitar but maybe not as blessed financially the question is what do you do to get a decent guitar? I searched long and hard, eventually stumbling across Agile Guitars as, […]

Agile Interceptor Pro 727

Agile Guitars Interceptor pro 727 Review

Agile Interceptor Pro 727   Agile Interceptor Pro 727 Review. Are you looking for a new shred stick to add to your arsenal of 7 string guitars? May we suggest to you the Agile Interceptor Pro 727. This is one of the 7 string guitar models offered from Rondo Music. Rondo Music is an online […]

Septor Pro 727

Agile Septor Pro 727 Review

Septor Pro 727 Agile Septor Pro 727 Review. If you are into metal than you know that there are plenty of guitars out there that are the everyday shred tools of the metal guitarist. These guitars have great tone and sustain. You can get deep low meaty sounds out of them that you just can’t […]

Underrated Guitarist: Junior Brown

Junior Brown is a one of a kind; A guitar trailblazer that is often overlooked. He doesn’t fit into any of the conventional notions we have of a stereotypical guitar slayer.  Maybe he is not so much underrated as under appreciated.  This may be because he predominantly plays country music or perhaps it is because […]

WTF Is Wrong With This Guitar

WTF Is Wrong With This Guitar?

On the surface it looks pretty. I mean, most of us have all wanted a double neck guitar to add to the collection at one time or another! There is something about knowing you got six in one barrel and 12 in the other all wrapped up in one guitar. Images of Jimmy Page flash […]

Cheap Rondo Music Guitars

How Does Rondo Music Offer Guitars At Such Cheap Prices? Rondo Music After reading over many different posts and forums on the internet about Agile guitars there is one question that seems to come up over and over again.  That question is how are these guitars so cheap?  When you buy a guitar from Rondo Music, […]

Guitar Deals

Guitar Deals of the Week

Check Out The Guitar Deals Of The Week! Agile AL 3100M Wine Red   Wine Red 3100m Regularly $399 – Now Only $359.95 CLICK HERE! Agile Al-3200 Oceanburst Slim Regularly $499.99 – Now Only $399.99 CLICK HERE!   Agile Septor Pro 828 EB CP Nat Mahog   Septor Pro 827 Regularly $699.99 – Now Only $559.95 CLICK HERE!

Cheap Acoustic Guitars For Sale

Check Out All The Cheap Acoustic Guitars! Looking For A Cheap Acoustic Guitar To Take With You On The Go? – Cheap Acoustic Guitars For Sale If you have all the electric guitars you can handle and need to ‘bring the room down’ so to speak than maybe it’s time to get a nice acoustic guitar(Cheap […]

Agile AL 3000

Agile AL 3000

Visit Rondomusic To See All The Agile AL 3000 Models Agile AL 3000 If you are looking for a premium Les Paul style guitar than the Agile AL 3000 must not be overlooked.  The Agile AL 3000 comes in 8 different model variations and each represents a significant step up from the Agile AL 2000 for not that […]

Best of the week

Weekly Roundup

Weekly Twitter Roundup A great weekly roundup with some of the guitar highlights of the week from twitter for your entertainment!  Enjoy the weekend and pick yourself up a NEW GUITAR! Agile AL 2000 – The Gear you Need #agileguitars #guitars — ElectricGuitarCity (@ElectricGuitarC) March 31, 2015 How to Tell If Your Guitar’s […]

agile al 2000

Agile AL 2000 – The Gear you Need

Agile AL 2000 – The Review The Gear You Need Hey Everyone, welcome to Electric Guitar City. Today we are going to talk about a guitar that is very near and dear to our hearts and that is the Agile AL 2000.  If you haven’t heard about it we don’t know where you have been […]

Weekly Roundup al20002ts5

Weekly Roundup

Check out the going’s on that are going on!  Another week in the books!  Everyone have a great weekend! Want the guitar in the picture?  GET IT HERE! Cheap Guitars For Sale That Aren't Cheaply Made! — ElectricGuitarCity (@ElectricGuitarC) March 14, 2015 Check out @ZakkWyldeBLS' blog as he remembers '87 & talks about […]

Agile Guitars Custom Orders

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Rondomusic Custom Shop is Open For The New Year.

Rondomusic is now accepting deposits for Agile Guitars Custom Orders.

Currently taking deposits for custom AL, Intrepid, Interceptor and Septor models.



Agile Al Guitars

Agile Guitars

A Great Investment In Your Rock'n'Roll Future!

We believe music and the learning and enjoyment of playing the guitar is important.  Especially for children, playing guitar can be formative, give them a sense of identity and give them an outlet to express themselves.  Heck, we think this is true for adults too!  After all most of us guitar players are just big kids at heart anyways.  We think playing the guitar provides a lifetime of enjoyment for children and adults alike.  Here at Electric Guitar City we understand that the price of guitars can be a barrier for many.  We believe you shouldn't have to spend thousands of dollars to have a great playing guitar. To that end, we present to you Agile Guitars from Rondomusic.  Great guitars at great prices!

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