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The Pain Of Learning Guitar

By March 1, 2016Agile Guitars

We have all heard the complaint before from the beginner guitarist. This kills my fingers!

Agile Guitar

Agile Guitar

Ah it is a right of passage for the budding guitarist. Every axeman has gone through the excruciating pain in the tips of your fingers while learning the craft. You may even bleed! If you do that is totally hard core and you are awesome and legit!

If this is you do not fret!  (No pun intended)  The more you play the more the pain will eventually go away.

You see you need to build up calluses in your fingertips and the only way to do this is to play and practice.

Don’t just keep playing until you cry or can’t bear it anymore.   Instead play for a set amount of time each day. Doing this will allow the tips of your fingers to become tender. It will be very painful.

While you are not playing your fingertips will heal and develop some nice hard pads on the end of your fingertips.

At first it is kind of weird because the feeling has kind of gone out of your fingertips. However, this will be great for your guitar playing as you will now be able to play without the pain.

After awhile the old saying “no pain no gain” no longer rings true when playing guitar. You can play without the pain but you gotta go through the pain to get there.

If you stop playing for a long period of time your fingertips will go back to normal. The only problem is that once you start to play guitar again your fingertips will hurt again.

However, the good news is that it won’t take as long for you to build up the calluses in your fingertips so you won’t be hurting for long.

Something else you can do if you are really finding the pain too much is you can change out your guitar strings for a light guage.

Agile Guitar strings come in different thicknesses. One thing you can do is get thinner guitar strings. Thinner guitar strings will be easier to press to the fretboard to play the notes or chords you are after.

One of the things you should be aware of is that thinner strings tend to break easier than thicker strings so if you are doing a lot of hard strumming or bending you may be going through a lot of strings.

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