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Rockabilly With Agile AS 2000S

Agile 12 String Guitars

Agile 12 String Guitars

On a recent trip to Disneyland California we found ourselves wandering through Cars land.  Hearing the sweet sounds of rockabilly, country and swing music dance through the air gave us the hankering to get our hands on a nice jazz guitar.  Yes, the jazz guitar can be used for more than just jazz! In fact, it is a very versatile guitar and the tones of it are oh so sweet!  If you are having the same hankering for a jazz guitar like us than we think we have the guitar for you.

Enter The Agile AS 2000S From Agile Guitars

This Agile guitar is a beautiful site to be seen!  The Agile AS-2000S can be ordered in a variety of finishes but some of our favourites are black cherry flame, white, rootbeer flame and plain old black.

These Agile guitars offer a true jazz semi hollow body with full binding around the head, neck and body.   The top is solid maple and the back and sides are solid mahogany.  The guitar has Grover tuners with 18-1 ration and a set in maple neck with a graphite nut.  Like many of the better models of Agile guitars the AS-2000S has a Cepheus T-6 wide throw tune-O-matic bridge with graphite saddles, rosewood fretboard and two ceramic humbucker pickups.

The hardware on this Agile guitar is gold and the semi hollow body really allows the player to achieve the rich sounds.  As we alluded to, the guitar is very versatile and great for many styles of play like jazz, rockabilly, country and swing.

What’s The Price?

The great thing about Agile guitars is that they are such a great value and offer great quality for what you pay.  For many comparable guitars from the competition you would pay 2 to 3x’s as much as you would for the Agile.  You can pick up and Agile AS-2000S guitar right now with a case for a little over $500.  Some of the comparable guitars from the competition go from $1000 to $2000.  As you can see the Agile guitars are considerably more affordable than many other guitars.  If you think about it this is great because you can now go blow the rest of your money on something else like a new amp or effects pedal to go with that new guitar.

If you are on the fence about buying an Agile guitar don’t be.  Go search online for yourself and you will see that there are thousands of great reviews for these guitars by people that own them out there.  So if you are in the market or are thinking about getting a new jazz or rockabilly style guitar than check out the Agile AS-2000S from Agile guitars.