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Rondo Music – Affordable Electric Guitars For Sale

By February 3, 2016Agile Guitars

Looking for affordable electric guitars for sale?

Than I high recommend checking out Rondomusic.com.

Rondomusic offers affordable quality electric guitars.  If you want a quality built guitar but you don’t want to pay the uptick for the brand name on the guitar than you will probably find affordable Electric Guitars for Sale that will really surprise you.

Rondo Music has been in the business for many years and direct ship Agile Guitars to the consumer through their website. Variety of guitars inspired by other guitars. You might also call them copies or clones.

What that means is whether it’s a Telecaster, Stratocaster, Les Paul or some other brand name guitar that you are after but maybe just can’t afford…

(let’s face it, you want to get the “real mccoy” but it is sooo EXPENSIVE)

than you will probably find a guitar that looks exactly like the guitar you want to get except for some unnoticeable minor difference.

They also make a lot of other guitars and you get a good quality guitar for a fraction of the price you would pay no matter what guitar you are after. We know because we own one!

Affordable Electric Guitars For Sale

Affordable Electric Guitars For Sale

Rondomusic makes a variety of lines of guitars:

  • SX Guitars
  • Douglas Guitars
  • Agile Guitars


The SX guitars usually go anywhere from $100 to $150. Douglas guitars range in price from about $120 to $199. Agile guitars start out at around $200 up to $600.


And if six strings is not enough the Agile line of guitars by Rondo Music also offers 7,8,9 and 12 string guitars.


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Still not convinced? You can check out some of these awesome guitars in action. It’s actually very easy to do if you have an instagram account.


All you need to do is fire up your instagram and check the hashtag ‘agileguitars’. Here you will see hundreds of video clips of guys putting their Agile guitars through their paces.


It’s actually pretty cool. There is a variety of playing abilities of course but the community seems to be very supportive. And it is fun to get on the action so go ahead and like somebodies clip or leave a positive comment. Better yet post up a picture of video clip of your own!


There is also tons of pics of some very pretty Agile guitars that will make your mouth drool!