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Agile Legacy 827

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Agile Legacy 827 Review

Agile Legacy 827 Review

If you are looking for an 8-string guitar but are on a budget than of course you should look at any of the 8 string guitars that Agile has to offer.

However, if you are looking for someone to steer you towards a guitar for you to consider, than may we suggest the Agile Legacy 827.

This is a guitar that immediately jumps out and catches the eye with its interesting finish.

 The Legacy 827 is actually a new guitar in the Agile 8-string lineup.

As the 827 suggests, this Legacy is a 8-string 27” scale guitar.  The body is a solid mahogany double cutaway that has an arch top and is light weight.  The top is a 3 millimetre maple top.

The fretboard is made of rosewood with the position markers on the side of the neck.  The neck is a uniform radius throughout to allow for faster playing.

In addition, the guitar neck is equipped with an adjustable truss rod to allow you to adjust the neck in case of alterations from humidity, temperature or new strings.

This is a bolt-on neck construction guitar which can be looked at as a positive in that if you damage the neck you can always bolt on a new one.

Moving on to the hardware this bad boy comes with the Legacy 827 doesn’t disappoint.

The Cepheus T-7 wide throw tune-o-matic bridge with graphite saddles is a string through body setup with offset holes for improved sustain.

As with all the Agile guitars the tuners are Grover with 18-1 tuning ratio so you can really get that fine-tuning.

Lastly the pickups are Cepheus 7 string passive humbuckers for a great tone.

This is a really decent 8-string guitar offering by Agile guitars.

This guitar just looks really cool with the reverse headstock and what really sets it off is the blue quilt finish combined with the natural finish on the top of the guitar.

It really is something different from the rest of the guitars that Agile offers.

The best part of this guitar is the price that you get all this for.  We think this is a pretty sweet deal that you should definitely take a look at if you are in the market for an 8-string guitar but still want to be able to make your rent payment.

Check out the Agile Legacy 827.


Agile Harm 2TS P90

Check It! Agile Harm!

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Agile Al Harm

If you are looking for a guitar that not everyone else is going to have, that will set you apart from all the other locksmith’s out there than check out the Agile Harm 1 2TS P90!

Our first impression is that this guitar is beautiful!  It’s just go that certain look to it.

Okay enough drooling!  Rondomusic has taken into account all your suggestions and somewhat retooled this guitar with a new design.  The top is Maple with a semi hollow Mahogany body.

The pickups on this Agile, as if there was any other choice, are P90s for that bright traditional sounds.

The tuners are standard Grovers and there is a cream binding that goes around the beautiful sunburst finish.  The fretboard is ebony and the fret markers are positioned on the side of the neck.

This guitar has a real vintage feel and look to it.  We think it is one of Agile Guitars finest looking guitars.  The guitar is just pretty to look at!

So what can we say…we want one!  In all seriousness though, as with all Agile guitars this guitar is great value for the money and you can almost be guaranteed that you would pay a lot more money for a similar name brand guitar.

That is why we think Agile guitars are really the best deals out there for those of us that are not in the market for a premium name brand guitar.

Heck sometimes it’s more fun to buy a couple guitars for the price instead of just one super expensive guitars.  At any rate, don’t think a person can go wrong with the Agile Harm 2TS P90.  Rock on!

See the Agile Harm 1 2TS P90.

Agile Interceptor 828

Agile Interceptor 828

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Interceptor 828

Interceptor 828

Found this cool video review of an Agile Interceptor 828.  This guy shreds! We like his hairstyle! Grin!

This is a very straightforwardreview that will give you lots of info about this particular guitar and let you hear how it sounds and see how it plays.

This is a 28″ scale guitar so it is definitly a handful.  Like this guy says in his video you may want to put lighter strings on it so bending is easier.

Get the Agile Interceptor 828


Agile Interceptor Pro 828

Al 2000

Cheap Les Paul Guitars For Sale

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Is there such a thing as Cheap Les Paul Guitars For Sale?

Agile Al 2000

What is a Cheap Les Paul guitar anyways?  How much is cheap?  Does $1000 make it a cheap les paul guitar or does $5000 make it a cheap les paul guitar for sale?

Note: We just searched Guitarcenter.com and the cheapest Gibson Les Paul we could find is still over $800!  That is for a base model Gibson Les Paul

You could get this for like $200!  ——–>>>>>>>>

To us those prices are not cheap.  Most people can’t justify spending that kind of money on a guitar right now.

But I still want a cheap Les Paul guitar!  You hear about all these secret deals from China where you can buy direct from the factory and get it cheap because they make it for a fraction of what they sell it for.

What do you do?

You buy an Agile Al guitar from Rondomusic, that is what you do.  You get a guitar that looks like a Les Paul and plays like a Les Paul for a fraction of what a Les Paul costs.

These are quality guitars with quality features.  We own one!

Different models to fit your budget from $200 to $600.  Forget Epiphone and get one of these instead.  It’s a no brainer!Don’t take our word for it.

Check them out for yourself!

—>> Cheap Les Paul Guitars For Sale!!!!! <<—

Al2000 RootbeerAl 2000

al 2000 sale

$200 Electric Guitars For Sale

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Al2000 Rootbeer Tiger$200 electric guitars for sale?

Yes you can find $200 electric guitars for sale but the question is can you find a decent electric guitar for $200?

We can say with great certainty, that the best $200 guitar we ever bought was an Agile Al2000.  You just cannot beat that guitar for the price.  The other day we were at the local Costco and picked up a guitar they had for sale for $199.  We think it was a squire strat or something.  It was an okay guitar but for the price the Agile was in our opinion miles better.

The feel of the Agile is solid and we just felt the finishing and setup just make it way easier to play.  You know how you just pick up some guitars and they are easy to play?  Your hand just glides over the frets while on other guitars no matter how much you adjust it or tune it it just doesn’t feel right?  The squire felt awkward while the Agile felt like, well, like butter.

It is a solid guitar.  Beefy is the word we like to use but not too beefy.  It’s funny because when we walked through Costco we by chance saw the guitar they had for sale and just thought why not give it a try.  It just made us appreciate our Agile Al2000 that much more and again think to ourselves, “I can’t believe it’s only like $200”.

If all you have is $200 and you are looking for electric guitars for sale than head over to Rondomusic and check out the Agile Al2000.  It comes in lots of different finishes.  We have truly enjoyed ours!

Agile Al 2000 Review

Agile Al2000 Review – Update

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Agile al2000 Review Update – We love it more than we did before!Al2000 silverburst

We thought that it would be good to talk a little more about our Agile Al2000.  The one thing we know is that there are a lot of reviews out there on the Agile Al2000.  Most of them go over the initial reaction of the reviewer to the Agile Al2000.  The Agile Al2000 has garnered a lot of great reviews.

If you know anything about reviews you might view them with a skeptical eye as we do.  It is no secret that a lot of reviews out there may have a hidden agenda.  Are the reviews just made by the company that makes said product in order to get you to buy more of said product?  We always have that in the back of our minds when reading reviews.  However, it is our experience that if a product is bad it is really hard for a company to cover that up.  It seems that the people most scorned complain the loudest and rightly so!  If a product is crap people are going to say it is crap.  Sometimes however, as with any product, there are always a lemon or two in any production run.  Sometimes those people complain, and they should, but you never hear from the people that are really happy and satisfied with the product.  Well we thought it would be good to let you know how our Agile Al2000 is holding up.  Many times you hear the initial great review but never how well the product held up down the line.

Here we go!  We have had our Agile Al2000 guitar for 4 years now.  In case you didn’t know it is a very nice goldtop with cream binding around the body and neck.  The guitar has been used and abused.  And we mean abused!  It has been accidentally dropped on concrete and fallen over many times.  The neck and fingerboard were gnawed on by a teething toddler.  Said toddler also has attempted to use drum sticks to play the guitar by repeatedly smashing it!  We feel sorry for the guitar just thinking about it.

Did we mention that this guitar gets played once in awhile too!  Despite all the abuse the guitar still performs admirably.  Most importantly, those Grover tuners still keep the guitar in tune!  The only thing on the guitar that has not held up is the input jack.  It is very loose and tends to cutout at times.  All in all, we feel this is pretty minor and is an easy do it yourself repair job or you can take it in and have it repaired/replaced at your local music store.  Other than that we still love this guitar.  What is really great is it takes a beating and still keeps going.  And because it was only $200 we don’t feel so bad if it gets dropped or the toddler uses it to cut his teeth on.   It won’t break our bank to go buy another one.  Would we recommend this guitar?  Without hesitation.

There are a variety of quality guitars in some great finishes, including the Agile Al2000, available at Rondomusic.com.

SX furrian3pu

How Many Guitars Is Enough?

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sx leoThe answer it seems, no matter how many guitars you have, is always one more!  When you have one guitar you are there is still always that other guitar that you would also like to have and that really doesn’t change when you have two guitars, three guitars or twenty guitars.  You still always find another guitar that you want.

Now this can become a very expensive hobby as many guitars are not cheap.  If you are buying genuine Fenders and Gibson’s , let’s say, than this could be something that costs you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars depending on how many guitars you acquire in your collection.  Might we add that we are very jeolous if you can afford to do that!

For the rest of us, that don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to spend on a guitar collection there is still hope!  There is hope for those of us that maybe only have hundreds of dollars to spend on a guitar collection.  Have you every heard of Agile guitars or SX guitars?  Well if you want quantity in your guitar collection but don’t want to sacrifice quality than these are the guitars for you.

You can pick up an Agile Al 2000 for just over $200!  This is a great Les Paul style guitar that comes with Grover tuners and excellent materials and construction.  They are raved about on many online forums for their excellent quality and playability at a low price.  SX guitars are much the same and many can be purchased for under $200.  SX offers guitars in all different styles from Stratocaster and Telecaster style guitars to Ibanez style shredding guitars.  For $500 you could buy maybe two or three guitars!

We know what some of you are thinking.  Yes they are not real Fenders or Les Paul’s or Ibanez’s but who cares, it’s fun to make your dollar go further and to be able to afford two or three guitars instead of just one guitar.  This way you don’t get bored just playing the same guitar all the time.  You can experience and expirement with the different sounds and nuances of different guitars.  How fun is that!

You can find Agile and SX guitars at Rondomusic.com.

interceptor pro 727

7 String Guitar

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agile septor elite 727When it comes to which guitar is the best 7 string guitar there are many options to choose from.  In fact, it is really hard to narrow it down to just one guitar that is the best 7 string guitar.  Many factors play into the best 7 string guitar such as what do you want to use it for, how much money to do you want to spend, what features does it need to have?  Someone else’s best 7 string guitar might not be the best for you and visa versa, what might be the best 7 string guitar for you may not be the best for someone else. If you have read any of the other blog posts here you know that we at ElectricGuitarCity.com love quality guitars and reasonable prices.  So for you gunslingers out there looking for the best 7 string guitar you can get your hands on than we suggest checking out the line of 7 string guitars Agile has to offer.  These are well made, quality 7 string guitars that are offered at really reasonable prices when compared to other companies that offer 7 string guitars. Particularly, we would like to direct your attention to the Agile Septor Elite  727.  In our humble opinion this thing is sick!  Check out what the Septor Elite 727 comes with:

  • Grover tuners
  • Cepheus 7 high mass extended range bridge!
  • Mahogany body
  • 5 piece neck-through body design
  • Ebony fretboard
  • USA Made Seymour Duncan Blackout Pickups! (AH1-b)!
  • Jumbo frets
This would be a great guitar for those that want to get that really grungy heavy thrash metal sound.  You can check out this guitar HERE!

Agile guitar

Agile Guitar

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agile harmWhy buy an Agile Guitar?  That is what a lot of people ask themselves.  In fact that is what we ask ourselves years ago before we bought our first Agile Guitar.  The question is especially relevant when you consider all the different brands of guitars out there to choose from.

We think it is a safe bet that most people  are considering Agile Guitars because they cannot afford the real version of whatever guitar they are looking at.  So if you can’t afford a real Gibson or Fender than you have probably started to look at the lesser of their models.  Models like the Epiphone’s and Fender Squier guitars of this world.  In many cases with these guitars you still can pay a good deal of money for them or you don’t pay that much money for them and you get a sub-par guitar that you are not happy with.agile al 3001

This is where Agile Guitars fills the niche for people like us looking for a good quality guitar for a reasonable price.  This is the reason why Agile Guitars are growing in popularity.  It’s the reason why Agile Guitars are becoming more of a respected name and it is the reason why more and more people that are in our position are choosing to buy Agile Guitars.  When you buy an Agile you know you are going to get good value for your money and at the end of the day that is what most people we know want.

So perhaps the better question is why not buy an Agile Guitar?  There are many articles on this site that cover the great features of the guitar, like standard Grover tuners for example, and the quality materials used to build the guitar so we won’t go into great detail about that here.  The point is if you are considering an Agile Guitar than we feel you can be rest assured that you are making a good decision and that you will be very pleased with the guitar for the price you pay.

Check out all the Agile models

agile interceptor pro 930

Agile Interceptor 930

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Agile Interceptor 930

interceptor pro 930Agile Interceptor 930 is a baddass!

They’ve done it!  It’s done.  Why play a guitar with only six strings when you can have one with nine!  Over here at electricguitarcity.com we can barely get our fingers to do what we want them to do with just six strings.  We can only imagine the brain overload that would happen trying to manipulate nine strings.

This guitar, the Agile Interceptor 930, is a bad mother!  This, we imagine, is the electric guitar of choice for a certain type of individual; an individual born with four extra fingers on one of his hands!  Seriously, the guy who can play this guitar is in the status of legendary.

If you fall into that category we are in awe of you.  This is a lot of guitar and is a real handful, no pun intended.  So what do you get with this bad boy?  You get a double cutaway mahogany body with a bolt on one piece maple neck with a rosewood fretboard.  The fret markers on on the side of the neck and not on the fretboard.  The guitar also features Grover die cast tuners and a Kahler Pro 22229KX Tremolo that is made in the USA.  The pickups are  passive Cepheus 9 with master and control.  The cavity has been made larger to accomodate additional electronics if you want to add them later.

So when eight strings just isn’t enough the Interceptor 930 has got you covered.  CHECK IT OUT.