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Agile Guitar For Sale

Agile Legacy 827

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Agile Legacy 827 Review

Agile Legacy 827 Review

If you are looking for an 8-string guitar but are on a budget than of course you should look at any of the 8 string guitars that Agile has to offer.

However, if you are looking for someone to steer you towards a guitar for you to consider, than may we suggest the Agile Legacy 827.

This is a guitar that immediately jumps out and catches the eye with its interesting finish.

 The Legacy 827 is actually a new guitar in the Agile 8-string lineup.

As the 827 suggests, this Legacy is a 8-string 27” scale guitar.  The body is a solid mahogany double cutaway that has an arch top and is light weight.  The top is a 3 millimetre maple top.

The fretboard is made of rosewood with the position markers on the side of the neck.  The neck is a uniform radius throughout to allow for faster playing.

In addition, the guitar neck is equipped with an adjustable truss rod to allow you to adjust the neck in case of alterations from humidity, temperature or new strings.

This is a bolt-on neck construction guitar which can be looked at as a positive in that if you damage the neck you can always bolt on a new one.

Moving on to the hardware this bad boy comes with the Legacy 827 doesn’t disappoint.

The Cepheus T-7 wide throw tune-o-matic bridge with graphite saddles is a string through body setup with offset holes for improved sustain.

As with all the Agile guitars the tuners are Grover with 18-1 tuning ratio so you can really get that fine-tuning.

Lastly the pickups are Cepheus 7 string passive humbuckers for a great tone.

This is a really decent 8-string guitar offering by Agile guitars.

This guitar just looks really cool with the reverse headstock and what really sets it off is the blue quilt finish combined with the natural finish on the top of the guitar.

It really is something different from the rest of the guitars that Agile offers.

The best part of this guitar is the price that you get all this for.  We think this is a pretty sweet deal that you should definitely take a look at if you are in the market for an 8-string guitar but still want to be able to make your rent payment.

Check out the Agile Legacy 827.


Cheap Electric Guitars For Sale

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Are you looking for cheap electric guitars for sale?

See Lots Of Cheap Electric Guitars At Rondomusic

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

I remember when I got my first electric guitar.  I remember it well because my guitar teacher said to me, “This is an investment in your rock’n’roll future!. Cheap Electric Guitars for Sale.

That being said I like a good deal as much as the next guy but I would rather pay a little more for something that is going to last and that I will be happy with.  However, sometimes you come across electric guitars for sale that are good quality and also reasonably priced.  If you are looking for cheap electric guitars that haven’t been made cheaply than take a look at the guitars over at Rondomusic.com.  They have been around for 50 years and have been selling on the web for the last number of years.  Rondomusic’s guitar line is made up of their SX guitars, Agile guitars, Douglas guitars and Valencia guitars.  They also sell basses and drums.

These are great cheap electric guitars for sale!:

The great thing about these cheap electric guitars is they are excellent quality and extremely cheap when compared to what you would pay for the same quality guitar with a known brand name on it. Especially their Agile guitars.

I would reccommend an Agile guitar, or really any guitar, made by Rondomusic.com to anyone that is looking for a name brand guitar like a Stratocaster, Telecaster or Les Paul but cannot afford a real one.  I also think these are great guitars for anyone looking for a ‘best bang for your buck’ cheap electric guitar’.

I personally fell into both categories.  I always wanted a Les Paul but affording a real Gibson Les Paul was out of my reach so I set my sights on a Les Paul Copy that would give me the ‘best bang for my buck’.  Lucky for me I found Agile guitars.  I settled on an Agile Al-2000 and I was really blown away by how much guitar I got for the relatively little money I paid.  That is the main reason I decided to promote these cheap electric guitars on this website.

Here’s The Thing:

With cheap electric guitars for sale is that you want a cheap electric guitar, in the sense that you don’t want to pay a lot of money, but you don’t want a cheap electric guitar if you know what I mean. So how do you know what guitar to get? And what is a good cheap electric guitar where you are not going to pay not much money but you are still going to get a really good value instrument that is going to last you a long time?

Well, I’m going to present to you some choices that you have that I think might fit the bill and be a really good guitar for you for years to come. This is electricguitarcity.com and we present to you through Rondomusic Agile, SX and Douglas guitars. Today we are going to talk about, like I said, some cheap electric guitars for sale that aren’t so cheap so let’s just go look at the first one.

SX Furrian MN Ash NA

Cheap Electric Guitars For Sale

Cheap Electric Guitars For Sale

We present to you the SX Furrian MN Ash NA. Not sure what that all means but as you can see it is a telecaster style guitar. It’s got a 3-piece body made of solid American swamp ash. It is great for whatever style of music that you play. It also has a bound maple neck, maple fretboard, and 21 jumbo frets. I’ve heard from some other reviews, some other people that have played these guitars, that they are not so sure that these are actually jumbo frets but rather that they are just regular size frets when compared to say a Fender Telecaster. As you can see the guitar has a chrome covered mini single coil pickup and another single coil pickup. The hardware is die cast chrome with chrome tuners. There is your standard passive volume and tone controls with 3-way pickup selector switch. I would definitely take this guitar to add to my arsenal. You know why I would take this guitar in my arsenal or collection of guitars, however you want to put it, is because, well, it looks great. And as you can see this guitar is a little bit contoured at the base, which is different from a regular Fender Telecaster. But I would add this guitar into my collection because it is only $129.95.

For that you can’t really go wrong and if you are watching you probably know that Rondomusic has gotten quite a good reputation online. They are direct sellers of their guitars online so there is no middleman. The guitars are all made overseas but most of the name brand guitars are now anyways unless you are buying their premium models. It’s a good guitar to put in your collection. If you are looking for a cheap electric guitar and you want a telecaster style guitar here it is for you $129.95.

Douglas Gravity WM-1 CAR

Cheap Electric Guitars For Sale

Cheap Electric Guitars For Sale

Let’s look at another guitar I picked out and it is the Douglas Gravity. Again it is a telecaster style guitar with maple neck and maple fretboard. This guitar has adjustable saddles so you can adjust the string height and intonation. It has two humbucker pickups instead of single coil pickups and it is hard to tell in the picture but the guitar actually has gold hardware, which is a little different than the previous one. Again there is a passive volume and tone control with 3 way pickup selector switch and as you can see this one isn’t contoured at the bottom like the other guitar so if you are looking for a tely style guitar that is not contoured this be the one for you. Now why do I recommend this guitar as a good cheap electric guitar, well because you can pick this up for $149.95…fabulous! You can get this guitar and if you don’t like the pickups you can swap them out or if you don’t like the electronics inside swap them out. There are lots of other outfits online where you can buy pickups for cheap or cheap electronics upgrades if you want but in my experience with the guitar I’ve played from Rondomusic it’s been great and hasn’t needed any upgrades. Any upgrades I have done have been purely for my own fun not because the guitar needed it.

Douglas Corvus 627 Hum BK w/Case

Cheap Electric Guitars For Sale

Cheap Electric Guitars For Sale


Let’s look at another one here the Douglas Corvus 627 Hum BK with case. This is a baritone scale version of the classic Corvus. I forget which guitar or the name of the guitar this is a knockoff of. I think it is a Gibson Jazzmaster or Fender copy sometimes I get them mixed up. This is a solid alder body with maple neck and rosewood fretboard. The guitar has an adjustable bridge so you can set up the action how you like. There are two humbucker pickups, 3-way selector switch, two volume controls and one tone control. This guitar has an adjustable truss rod, die cast tuners and comes with a hard-shell case. It’s a cool looking guitar in black and as you can see is contoured at the base for more comfort and playability. What is cool about it is it is different than most guitars so it would kind of be a unique guitar to have in the collection and it is only $189.99.

Again if you get this guitar I am sure the pickups are just fine. I have read about how some people are concerned about the pickups Rondo puts in their guitars but in my experience they have been fine. If you don’t like them they are easy to swap out and put in whatever you like. And that is the great thing about these guitars I think that for the price you can use it straight out of the box as is or you can have some fun and try modding it a little bit. You can change things up by putting in hardware that you like or pickups that you like. You are probably not going to mess around too much with a guitar that is $1000, $2000 or $3000 because you want that guitar to keep it’s value and not wreck it but with the Corvus no big deal!

Agile AL-2000 2TS

Electric Guitars For Sale

Electric Guitars For Sale

And now let’s get to the guitars I really think are the best deal and best value for cheap electric guitars out there that Rondomusic offers. That is the Agile AL 2000. I have one of these and it is an awesome guitar. It is a solid mahogany body, with arch top that is actually a maple flame top. The guitar comes with wax potted ceramic humbucker pickups. I have the gold top version of this guitar and had these pickups in it for 8 yrs and they are great and sound awesome as is. There is a full cream binding around the guitar as you can see and there is an adjustable truss rod right under the cover on the headstock so you can adjust the action or playability on the neck. The binding continues all the way up the neck on either side. The guitar has a stop bar tail piece that will transfer the vibration right to the guitar for better sustain.

I must say this is a really great playing guitar. Really comfortable and easy to play, great sound with that Les Paul sound. If you are looking for a Les Paul guitar but can’t afford one than the Agile AL 2000 is definitely something to pick up. And what you want to do is you want to make sure that you pick one up soon if you are thinking about it. As you can see there are many different finishes and colors to choose from. The reason you want to pick one up soon is that the Agile AL 2000 is being discontinued so the stock that is left that is it as far as I understand, so once that is sold out you will no longer be able to get an AL 2000 anymore. I am not sure why that is but that is the word on the street. And you can see this one here, this cherry burst is actually on sale for $199 and I forgot to mention they regularly go for $225.

You would be hard pressed and this would stand up to epiphone guitars that are twice as much in my opinion. As you can see many different finishes like blue flame, tobacco flame, honey sunburst, rootbeer flame, sunburst flame and plain white. You can even get an AL 2000 with P90 pickups instead for $239.95 so that is a pretty sweet deal as the P90’s are nice. This is the one I have the Al 2000 Gold top. This one is a B stock and has a couple dents so it is on sale for $215 instead of $285 but this is an awesome guitar and I really like it. It is 10 pounds so it is a beefy girl. The guitar is made in Korea, has Grover tuners, all AL 2000’s have Grover tuners and it is a nice guitar. Recently I found a set of real cheap zebra humbucker pickups on Amazon for like $11 so I bought them and swapped them out and actually really like them and might do another video on those but like I said before the pickups it came with where just fine but I have had the guitar for 8 yrs so wanted to try something different. I swapped them out and you could too if you want.

Agile AL-2000 Gold B Stock w/Case

Cheap Electric Guitars

Cheap Electric Guitars

So the question is where to get these guitars? Go to electricguitarcity.com and you can simply click on the Agile Al guitars and that will take you to all the guitars and you can check them out and see which ones you like. In my opinion the Agile Al 2000 is one of the best deals going out there for a cheap electric guitar for sale that is cheap but is not a cheaply made. Guitar. For the money, it is one of the best values out there. And again, it is being discontinued so if you are thinking about picking one up don’t hesitate but go ahead and pick one up and make sure you get your hands on one before you can’t anymore.

So thanks for watching this video. Make sure you go visit electricguitarcity.com to check out these guitars and please subscribe below to this YouTube channel and have a great day!