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Agile guitar

Agile Guitar

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agile harmWhy buy an Agile Guitar?  That is what a lot of people ask themselves.  In fact that is what we ask ourselves years ago before we bought our first Agile Guitar.  The question is especially relevant when you consider all the different brands of guitars out there to choose from.

We think it is a safe bet that most people  are considering Agile Guitars because they cannot afford the real version of whatever guitar they are looking at.  So if you can’t afford a real Gibson or Fender than you have probably started to look at the lesser of their models.  Models like the Epiphone’s and Fender Squier guitars of this world.  In many cases with these guitars you still can pay a good deal of money for them or you don’t pay that much money for them and you get a sub-par guitar that you are not happy with.agile al 3001

This is where Agile Guitars fills the niche for people like us looking for a good quality guitar for a reasonable price.  This is the reason why Agile Guitars are growing in popularity.  It’s the reason why Agile Guitars are becoming more of a respected name and it is the reason why more and more people that are in our position are choosing to buy Agile Guitars.  When you buy an Agile you know you are going to get good value for your money and at the end of the day that is what most people we know want.

So perhaps the better question is why not buy an Agile Guitar?  There are many articles on this site that cover the great features of the guitar, like standard Grover tuners for example, and the quality materials used to build the guitar so we won’t go into great detail about that here.  The point is if you are considering an Agile Guitar than we feel you can be rest assured that you are making a good decision and that you will be very pleased with the guitar for the price you pay.

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agile ghost 625

Agile Ghost 625

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agile ghost 625If you haven’t guessed by now it’s no secret that when it comes to guitars we here at electricguitarcity.com lean more to being fans of the Les Paul style guitars. Yes, there is no denying it the Les Paul style guitar is the guitar we gravitate to. That is probably why we love the Agile Al’s so much. In our opinion best bang for your buck guitars hands down! Read all about some of our ravings of these guitars here and here.

Today, however, we thought we would stray from our obsession with the Agile Al guitars and take a look at something different. We give you the Agile Ghost Pro 625! Just by looking at it you can see that it is a recreation of the famous Explorer except much cheaper. Probably one of the most famous musicians to rock the Explorer in recent memory is James Hetfield of Metallicba. So if you want to get a guitar that is still popular but not like every other guitar than the Ghost might be a good choice.

The thing about the Agile Ghost is it is doesn’t just look good.  Upon further review this is actually a very quality guitar just like the other Agile models. Here are a few of the highlights of the Agile Ghost.

  • The Ghost weighs in at 9lbs so it is a what we would call beefy guitar
  • It’s got 24 frets
  • Comes with Two wax potted Agile high output ceramic humbucker pickups
  • Cepheus T-003 wide throw tune-O-matic bridge with graphite saddles
  • Mahogany body
  • Set-in maple neck with adjustable truss rod and black binding
  • Grover tuners
  • Rosewood fret board

As you can see a very substantial guitar with a lot of quality features.  This isn’t just a piece of junk Explorer recreation and could probably hold it’s own quite nicely.

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Agile Al 2000 Rootbeer

Agile Al 2000 Review

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Agile Al 2000 Rootbeer

Check out this review of the Agile Al 2000 we found on Youtube by Mark DiSciullo.  We have no idea who Mark is but he does a pretty good job of reviewing the Al-2000 and seems a bit surprised by how good these Agile guitars are for the price.  Check out the video and then pick up a Agile AL-2000 Rootbeer Flame HERE.


Agile TC-625 RN TBR Flame

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See It, Buy it!

tc625rntbrflame1If you are looking for an awesome Telecaster copy than you should definately check out the Agile TC-625 MN TBR Flame.  This is a real beauty of a guitar that Rondomusic.com is offering in there new items and specials section.  Rondomusic is a family operated business that has been in the guitar business for 50 years.

The guitar is made of solid alder wood and it has a three piece body.  As with most Agile’s the guitar comes with Grover 18-1 tuners so you know the thing will stay in tune.  The neck  is made of Maple with rosewood fretboard.  T-style fixed bridge has six adjustable saddles and not just three as shown in the picture.  Three way selector switch and passive volume and tone controls are standard along with two single coil vintage style pickups.  The guitar weighs a 9lbs and is 40 inches in length.

Overall a really sweet guitar that you can just fool around with at home or gig with if you need.  If our experience with the Agile Al series of guitars is any indication than we feel confident that this will be a quality made instrument.  The guitar is being offered right now at Rondomusic.com for $ 325.00.  As with most Agile’s we have gotten our hands on, we feel you would pay a lot more for a guitar of this quality if it had a different name on it.  So if you don’t care about the name on the guitar than check out the TC-625 MN TBR Flame.


See It, Buy it!