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Agile TC-625 RN TBR Flame

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See It, Buy it!

tc625rntbrflame1If you are looking for an awesome Telecaster copy than you should definately check out the Agile TC-625 MN TBR Flame.  This is a real beauty of a guitar that Rondomusic.com is offering in there new items and specials section.  Rondomusic is a family operated business that has been in the guitar business for 50 years.

The guitar is made of solid alder wood and it has a three piece body.  As with most Agile’s the guitar comes with Grover 18-1 tuners so you know the thing will stay in tune.  The neck  is made of Maple with rosewood fretboard.  T-style fixed bridge has six adjustable saddles and not just three as shown in the picture.  Three way selector switch and passive volume and tone controls are standard along with two single coil vintage style pickups.  The guitar weighs a 9lbs and is 40 inches in length.

Overall a really sweet guitar that you can just fool around with at home or gig with if you need.  If our experience with the Agile Al series of guitars is any indication than we feel confident that this will be a quality made instrument.  The guitar is being offered right now at Rondomusic.com for $ 325.00.  As with most Agile’s we have gotten our hands on, we feel you would pay a lot more for a guitar of this quality if it had a different name on it.  So if you don’t care about the name on the guitar than check out the TC-625 MN TBR Flame.


See It, Buy it!