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What’s The Big Deal With Agile Guitars?

Best Agile Guitars On Sale

Best Agile Guitars On Sale

If you have been searching for a new guitar but are a little light on funds than you have probably come across the name Agile Guitars.  These guitars are raved about in online forums all over the internet because of what you get at a price that is fractions of what you would pay for other mainstream name brand guitars.

As far as can be seen Agile guitars goes after two market niches, guitarists looking for an affordable 7,8 or 9 string guitar and guitarists looking for a Les Paul style guitar.   So basically an Agile guitar is for the shredder that can’t afford a Les Paul.   As one commenter of a video about Agile AL Guitars put it, “wife + kids = Agile”.


Now that is not to say that Agile guitars are not quality guitars and it’s not only married men with kids that are buying them, quite the contrary in fact.  These guitars are very good quality and this is one of the reasons why they get such good reviews from people that buy an Agile.  If the guitars were not great playing guitars than the majority of the reviews by people who have bought one would indicate that.  In fact Agile guitars come with some very attractive features such as solid mahogany bodies, Grover tuners, Graph Tech nuts, high voltage wiring, Floyd Rose and Kahler tremolo and with many of the 7, 8 and 9 strings the guitar is a neck through body construction which provides great sustain and keeps the guitar in tune longer.  Many of the Agile guitar models are offered with Alnico pickups but certain models even have EMG or Seymour Duncan pickups.  At certain times of the year you can even custom order an Agile guitar with the specific features that you want it to have.


It is great and all that Agile guitars have all the great features we have discussed, are great quality and get a lot of positive reviews online but that is only one part of what makes an Agile guitar something to consider if you are in the market for a guitar.  The other piece of the equation that makes so many people rave about these guitars is that all the features and quality are offered at a very affordable price.  What is an affordable price you ask?  Well sometimes $100’s or even $1000s less than the competition, which begs the question how can so much be offered at such a low price?  For one the guitars are built in South Korea yet that is not much different than many other guitar manufacturers.  The real difference may be that Agile guitars can only be bought online so basically it is a direct sale.  There is no middleman, distribution house or end retailer and all the price markups that go along with that.


If you are in the market for a new guitar and you are on a budget or maybe you just like saving money than an Agile guitar is something worth checking out as you get a lot of bang for your buck.