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7 String Guitar Kit

Should You Buy A 7 String Guitar Kit?

Conversation I had awhile ago…

Me – I am LOVING building this new 7 string guitar kit I got.  I didn’t think I would be this amped about it but seriously everyday I can’t wait to get home to work on it!

My Buddy – Wut? Are you serious?  I always heard that those kits are pieces of s$%#!  They make those kits out of left over mix matched parts.

Me – Naw man!  This thing is legit.  When I first got it and took a look at the kit I was actually really impressed.  Everything is precision and you can see the attention to detail man!

Buddy – Really?  Yeah but what about the neck?  I hear that sometimes they can be all wonky and don’t fit the body well.

Me – Dude, I’m telling you these kits are legit!  You can see the attention to detail.  The neck and body look like they were made for each other and the fit is like a glove.  Seriously I am really impressed!  Right now I am applying the stain.  Gonna do a silver to black burst type of thing and then I’ll start applying the varathane.  I can hardly wait to play it but I kind of don’t want the building part of it to end either.  I’ll probably do another one after this one.

And scene…

Are 7 String Guitar Kits Any Good?

These 7 String Kits Are Good Quality

The days of 7 string guitar kits being hit or miss if the kit you get is going to be any good or not are over.You can be pretty much guaranteed that you are going to get a quality made kit.  Now if you screw it up when you are assembling it that is on you. 😉

Don’t Sand Too Much!

That being said, screwing it up is pretty hard to do unless you are going OCD with your sanding or something.

Not Just A Bunch Of Parts Thrown Together.

These kits are not just a bunch of parts from the neck bin and the body bin thrown together.  The neck in the kit is made and fitted for the body in the kit.  There is very minor adjustment that needs to be done in terms of fitting the neck if at all when you are assembling the kit.

These Kits Are Fun To Build

The other thing about these 7 string guitar kits that you will find is that putting a finish on it and assembling it is a whole lotta fun!  Seriously, if you love guitar you can’t help but love spending time giving your 7 string guitar your own personal touch.  It is very much the same as with anything we as humans like to personalize and put our own stamp on.

Don’t Wait To Get Yours.

So if you are ready for a project then check out our 7 string guitar kits.