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Build Your Own Guitar

By May 15, 20187 string guitar kits
build your own guitar

Build Your Own Guitar – Part 1

build your own guitar

Save some money!  Get one of our 7 string guitar kits and build your own guitar.  We got our 7 string guitar kit and everything is looking good right out of the box.

The body and neck were already sanded very well from the factory so there really wasn’t much sanding that needed to be done.

We hit it with some 400 grit for a light sand just to be sure but really the body and neck came pretty much ready for finishing.

We inspected the neck and body to make sure they fit together properly. Each neck is machined specifically for the guitar body that it comes with so the fit was good. Shims can be used to make slight adjustments.

The initial inspection left us impressed with the workmanship and the fit and finish of the unassembled pieces of the guitar.

The routing was all very clean and the body of the guitar actually had some natural grain in the wood that would look good with a nice stain.

build your own guitar

There was some deliberation as to whether to stain the guitar and bring out the wood accents or to go with a solid color.

build your own guitar

A decision was made to go with a solid black finish for this build. We are going to call this build project Dark Lord.

Can’t wait to roll up our sleeves and get to work finishing this thing and then assembling it.

Stayed tuned for Part 2!