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Black Friday Deals 2017

Agile Guitar Black Friday Deals 2017

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Agile Guitar Black Friday Deals 2017

Black Friday Deals 2017It’s that time of year again!

Time to get a new Agile Guitar!

Thanksgiving is coming up and that means Black Friday Deals.  There are a lot of Agile Interceptors and Intrepids already for sale.


And in case you were concerned that if you bought an Agile guitar now for your loved one, and that loved one could be yourself, for Thanksgiving or Christmas because they wouldn’t have enough time to return it if they didn’t like it don’t worry!  Rondo music has extended their return policy time for the Christmas season.  Instead of having just 30 days to return or exchange your purchase you have 60 days!

That is handy to know as you may have your eye on a certain guitar now but it might be gone by the time you decide to pull the trigger on it if you were waiting to make sure that the person you are buying it for could return it.

So go ahead and snap it up because you will still have plenty of time to return it after Christmas if the person you bought it for doesn’t like it.


Again, if that person you are buying for is yourself there is nothing wrong with that!

So whether you want to pick up a beginner guitar and AL-3200, Intrepid, Interceptor or Septor now is a great time.

Rondo music looks to have a ton of stock right now so make sure you get what you want before it gets sold out as everyone is looking to buy something new this time of year.

Agile Interceptor Plus 828

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Agile Interceptor 828 B Stock on sale

Agile Interceptor Plus 828For those looking for a new 8 string guitar but really like to get a good deal than you should definitely do yourself a favour and snap up this Agile Interceptor Plus 828 B stock that we found over at Rondo music.

If you don’t mind a few cosmetic blemishes here and there the Agile B stock guitars can be some of the best deals going.

Take for instance this Agile Interceptor Plus 828.

You get a double cutaway light weight mahogany body with a 1 piece set neck. As the 828 suggests the scale length of the guitar is 28 5/8”.

The Interceptor comes with Cepheus active pickups, Grover tuners and Kahler Tremolo.

The fretboard is made of rosewood and the position markers are on the side of the neck to give the guitar a really clean look.

Lastly the guitar comes in a satin polyurethane black flame finish.

So What’s Wrong With It?

Of course that is what you really want to know. Why is this guitar “B Stock”?

Well according to Rondo’s website the guitar has a visible seam where the left and right sides of the flame top come together.

If you are tight on the funds but really need a new guitar than you probably won’t care about that.

The other blemish on the Interceptor is that there is a small 1/8” dent next to the bass side of the bridge and some small scratches on the neck pickup.

Now the A stock version of the Agile Interceptor plus 828 goes for $599.99. This B stock guitar with a few blemishes that really don’t effect the guitars playability is offered at a 34% discount for only $399.99.

That is a heck of a deal!

Check it out HERE.

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