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DIY 7 String Guitar Kit

By November 6, 20187 string guitar kits

The DIY 7 String Guitar Kit That Everyone Wants.

You’ve seen them out there on the webz or in your Facebook feed…the DIY 7 String Guitar kit.  You’ve thought to yourself wow that’s actually pretty cheap and it would actually be really fun to have a little project to work on in your spare time.  Besides you always thought it would be cool to build your own guitar.  You know, put the finish on it just the way you want it and have the satisfaction of playing an instrument that you put together yourself.

YES, do it already and pull the trigger!

May I take this opportunity to suggest a DIY 7 String Guitar Kit that everyone wants?  I’ll take that as a yes.

One of the most popular 7 string guitar kits that we have seen with our customers is the 7 string explorer guitar kit.  We refer to it as our Intergalactic 7 string guitar kit.  You see the connection there?…explorer…intergalactic, get it?  The explorer always looked kind of like a space ship hence exploring the intergalactic.  No? Not really following?  Okay moving along.

Anyways, the explorer/intergalactic 7 string guitar kit is one of our most popular kits.  To be truthful, we were actually very surprised but hey they customer is always right…right?

diy 7 string guitar kitThe explorer DIY 7 string guitar kit has basswood body and maple neck.  We are personal fans of a clean looking fretboard with no markers so we don’t have position markers on the fretboard.  Instead the markers are located on the side of the neck so you can keep track what position you are in.  This kit has a set in neck and comes with truss rod installed.  The fretboard is black wood which has a really nice playability.

Chrome hardware is standard with the kit as well as humbucker pickups, wiring and electronics.  You can use the components that come with the kit or you can decide to use your own humbuckers or tuners etc.  It’s all your personal choice.

All the kits come pre-fitted so the neck and the body should fit well.  We should also mention that this kit isn’t just a bunch of parts from the bins thrown together.  This 7 string guitar kit is legit! The neck you get in the kit is specifically made for the guitar body you get in the kit.  You may have to do some sanding to do the final fine tuning.  It is always better to pre-assemble and pre-drill pilot holes for everything before you apply finish to the guitar and do final assembly.  This will save you a lot of grief later on.

When you get your kit the best piece of advice we could give you is to take your time but don’t take your time purchasing an intergalactic 7 string guitar kit as they will sell out soon and unfortunately it will be a bit before we get more in stock.

You can buy this DIY guitar kit HERE.

All the best & have fun building your guitar kit.