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7 string guitar kits

7 String Guitar Kits

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7 String Guitar Kits – Coming Soon!

7 string guitar kits

Electric Guitar City is pleased to announce that we will be offering our own 7 string guitar kits.

3 different 7 string DIY guitar kit models will be offered initially with more models to be added in the future.

Each kit comes with all guitar pieces needed for assembly. The neck and body in a kit have been specifically test fitted to each other.

Our 7 string guitar kits area a great “empty canvas” for the do it yourselfer that wants to save some money and have a uniquely customized 7 string guitar.

Do not let the “DIY” idea scare you away. You do not need to be a luthier or woodworking expert to finish and assemble one of our 7 string guitar kits.

If you are slightly mechanically inclined and can follow instructions then you can build your own guitar.

All the guitar hardware is included with the kit

Customize the headstock for a personalized look.

Apply whatever finish or design to the body of the guitar to give it your personal signature look.

Kits will be available June 2018.

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7 string diy guitar kit

7 String DIY Guitar Kits

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After 7 String DIY Guitar Kits, You’ll Never See Guitars The Same Way

7 string diy guitar kit

Could a 7 string DIY guitar kit be for you?

7 String guitars are getting more and more expensive.  Even the prices of so called value 7 string guitars that offer “bang for your buck” are starting to climb in price.

We got to thinking about what other options are out there for the guys that are wanting their first or “first of many” 7 string guitars but might have a little bit of sticker shock.

Our thinking session brought us to the conclusion that 7 string DIY guitar kits could be a thing!

You can build your own 7 string guitar!

The long and the short of it is that you get a quality made raw guitar kit with everything you need to assemble the guitar.  You get to finish the guitar any way you like!

This is very cool because you can finish the guitar exactly how you want it.  You end up with a guitar that will be a custom “one off” in terms of how it looks that no one else will have.

Like we said the kit comes with everything you need to assemble your 7 string guitar.  You may need to do some sanding, glueing and soldering.  You can also swap out parts if you like.  Say you have a specific set of pickups that you would like to install instead of the ones that come in the kit there is nothing stopping you from doing that.

You get a quality made raw guitar kit with everything you need to assemble the guitar.

The icing on the cake is that because you are putting in the labour to assemble the guitar, and assembling them is actually not that hard, these 7 string guitar kits can often be hundreds of dollars less than buying a finished guitar.  You can do it!

We here at electricguitarcity.com will be offering 7 string DIY guitar kits soon.

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Black Friday Deals 2017

Agile Guitar Black Friday Deals 2017

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Agile Guitar Black Friday Deals 2017

Black Friday Deals 2017It’s that time of year again!

Time to get a new Agile Guitar!

Thanksgiving is coming up and that means Black Friday Deals.  There are a lot of Agile Interceptors and Intrepids already for sale.


And in case you were concerned that if you bought an Agile guitar now for your loved one, and that loved one could be yourself, for Thanksgiving or Christmas because they wouldn’t have enough time to return it if they didn’t like it don’t worry!  Rondo music has extended their return policy time for the Christmas season.  Instead of having just 30 days to return or exchange your purchase you have 60 days!

That is handy to know as you may have your eye on a certain guitar now but it might be gone by the time you decide to pull the trigger on it if you were waiting to make sure that the person you are buying it for could return it.

So go ahead and snap it up because you will still have plenty of time to return it after Christmas if the person you bought it for doesn’t like it.


Again, if that person you are buying for is yourself there is nothing wrong with that!

So whether you want to pick up a beginner guitar and AL-3200, Intrepid, Interceptor or Septor now is a great time.

Rondo music looks to have a ton of stock right now so make sure you get what you want before it gets sold out as everyone is looking to buy something new this time of year.

agile custom guitar

Agile Custom Guitars

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Agile Custom Guitars – Are They Really Custom?

agile custom guitar

The NFL players are protesting the anthem! The Country is broken! Or is it?

Protesting the anthem will accomplish something! Or it won’t?  People are up in arms!  What is a person to do?

How can people be brought together to make America great again?

Agile Custom Guitars

Follow the logic here.  People like music.  Music is therapeutic.

Agile guitars can be used to make therapeutic music.  Therefore it stands to reason that the more people that had an Agile custom guitar the more therapeutic music would be created and thus America is made great again!

agile custom guitars

Rondo Music has a pretty cool system.  You can pretty much choose almost any Agile guitar to have customized for you.  So first you choose the Agile model you want and then you get to choose the options you want and there are a lot of options to choose.

agile options

In all honesty what you are getting is a semi-custom guitar however the amount of choices you have to have the guitar built to your specifications is quite impressive.

In total there are 27 different categories you can choose different options from to make your guitar unique to you.

How it works is once you have chosen your options you are given a price that you pay upfront based on the options that you have chosen.

Once you have payed the deposit the guitar is put into production and you are required to pay an additional $450 once the guitar is complete and at that time the guitar is shipped to you.

Agile Custom Shop

It’s really that simple!

So do your part for your country by getting an Agile Custom guitar and start to create that therapeutic music that the country so desperately needs.

We will all be better off for it!

Agile Septor 827 Luminary

Glow In The Dark Agile Guitar

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They’ve Done It…It’s Done! A Glow In The Dark Guitar!

Agile Septor 827 Luminary

The Glow In The Dark Agile Septor 827 Luminary Is Here!

We’ve put men on the moon (allegedly 😉 ).  We have cured Polio, packed a computer the size of a room into a phone that can fit in the palm of your hand, created the automobile, the computer, internet and put cheese in a can.

Agile Septor 827 LuminaryHowever there has been one thing that has eluded us as a human race…a glow in the dark guitar.  Well that thing shall elude us noAgile Septor 827 Luminary more!  We now can have it in our clutches. The Agile Septor 827 Luminary “glow in the dark” guitar is a dream no more but is now a reality.

All kidding aside the thing does look pretty cool.  At first we thought it might be kind of cheesy but upon further review the Agile Septor 827 Luminary would be pretty sweet at gigs with the lights low.

Why Didn’t Someone Think Of This Sooner?

So the Septor 827 Luminary is pretty much the same as just a regular Agile Septor 827 except it is 8 strings of glowing goodness.  You get the standard double cutaway, light weight mahogany arch top body with 3 piece maple bolt on neck and rosewood fretboard.

The fretboard is where the “glow in the dark guitar” stuff comes into play.  The inlays in the fretboard glow and are activated by a standard black light.

In addition to the “glow” the guitar has a dual adjustable truss rod, cepheus alpha and beta passive pickups in the bridge and neck position respectively and Grover tuners.

This Is Perfect For Gigs!Agile Septor 827 Luminary

Duh! I mean what guitarist doesn’t need a little something extra to give him or her the edge at a gig?  Spinal Taps amps went to 11 but you can have a glow in the dark Agile guitar.  Plus when it is dark you will still be able to find your position on the neck while playing.

That is next level stuff.  Now if you have amps that go to 11 plus a guitar that glows in the dark that definitely elevates you to guitar god status…well in our minds anyways…unless you suck!

Enough of the kidding.  We want this guitar.  It looks hot, it glows in the dark (which is cool) and it is an Agile!

Oh yeah…we almost forgot the price.  The Agile Septor 827 Luminary is actually very reasonably priced and that makes it even more attractive to have in your collection.

Alright we have waxed poetic enough about the Septor 827 Luminary.  Waxed poetic may be a bit of a stretch but you should CHECK IT OUT for yourself and see what you think!


Back To School Supplies

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Back To School Supplies

Agile Guitars

Did You Teacher Include a New Agile Guitar in The List of Required Items?

For all of you that have headed back to school already our condolences.  It’s tough to get back into the routine after those endless summer days with no responsibilities.  Maybe some of you were at math camp or something so perhaps school is a welcome relief.

For others of you the start of school just represents more of the same old same old because you have already been there and done that.

Whether you are Back to School or Not a New Guitar Will be a Benefit To You.

Agile pendulumIt sounds crazy but follow our logic here.  Ever heard of the moist robot theory?  Basically the gist of it is that we are all like robots that respond to inputs.  Various inputs will make us feel great and be beneficial to us, like working out, learning how to play an instrument, playing guitar or getting a good nights sleep.  Other inputs will make us feel bad, like not playing guitar, partying too hard and eating junk food.

Now getting a new Agile Guitar would be a great input that would make you feel good and benefit you in so many ways.  First you would get that initial rush of endorphins from making a new purchase.  That is exciting stuff, though a short term high, still it makes you feel good.  However, buying a new Agile Guitar will also have long lasting benefits.

For one you can get countless hours of satisfaction and stress relief by playing it and hearing the sweet sounds coming through your amp.

That is more then beneficial, that is therapeutic.  Doctors should be perscribing this to people to help them with their anxiety and to just get their heads right.

Can you imagine the benefits to the world if more people played guitar?  World peace would break out!  Perscription medication usage would go down, climate change would be reversed….alright maybe that was taking it a little to far.

So we don’t really know if buying a new guitar will actually do any of these things but hey, it can’t hurt to try!

Check out all the Agile Guitars HERE!

agile legacy 727

Looking to Leave a Legacy

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Don’t Miss Your Chance To Have A Legacy – Agile Legacy

agile legacy 727

Did you hear North Korea has nukes?  

Might be time to get your affairs in order and think about your legacy.

By legacy we mean Agile Legacy.  If you have one you should think about it.  Maybe go pick it up and light off some riffs!  If you don’t have an Agile Legacy well maybe you should consider getting one.  I mean North Korea has nukes and we may not be around much longer.

If you are going to get one, might as well be now, because you may not have that much time left.

Let’s take a closer look at one…shall we?

agile legacyAgile Legacy 727

First off this is a 27″ scale guitar with a 3mm solid maple top.

The body is made of mahogany and comes in a double cutaway configuration.

The neck is bolted on to the body and has a Rosewood fretboard with position markers on the side of the neck.  The headstock is reversed to give the guitar an aggressive look.

The guitar also comes with an adjustable truss rod that allows for adjustment in playability.

As for hardware the tuners are Grovers and the bridge is a Cepheus T07 wide throw tune-o-matic.  The pickups are Cepheus passive 7 humbuckers.

The Agile Legacy 727 comes in a variety of finishes.

You just never know what the world is coming to.  If you don’t think North Korea should have nukes then you might like the price of this guitar.

Agile Guitars

Agile 7 string Guitars

agile septor elite 930

Agile 9 String Beast

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Agile Septor Elite 930

agile septor elite 930

The Agile 9 String Beast!

Remember when all seventeen intelligence agencies agreed that Russia interfered with our elections?

Turns out it was only four.  Wait…what?

Anyhow, one thing that the intelligence agencies all completely agree on is that Russia has not interfered with the Agile Septor Elite 930!

Probably what happened is that one of the agencies did a report on the Agile Septor Elite 930 and told all the other agencies what a great job they did and all the other agencies agreed that because the one agency said the Agile Septor Elite 930 is great…well it must be great!

agile septor elite 930Those of us that can think for ourselves don’t need any intelligence agencies to tell us the Agile Septor Elite 930 is great.  We already know that!

Septor Elite 930

First can we say that this guitar is beautiful, mean, elegant and sinister all at the same time!

The body is a light weight double cutaway made from solid mahogany with an arch top and gloss finish.

As the 930 suggests, this is a 30″ scale guitar and a 5 piece neck thru design has been used in the construction of the Septor Elite 930.

The fretboard is ebony with fret markers located on the side of the neck to give the Septor a very clean look.

For hardware the guitar has a Cepheus extended bridge with sealed Grover tuners and EMG 909 active pickups.

The Septor Elite 930 is also offered in a oceanburst flame and black flame finish as can be seen here.  We are really feeling the natural mahogany and black flame finish ourselves.

So if you don’t want the Russians interfering in your elections than you may want to check out Septor Elite 930 HERE.

If not for you than DO IT for your country!

Agile Guitars


Union Jack Strat

Union Jack Strat

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Union Jack Strat – The Brits Are Invading Again

Union Jack Strat

The British invasion was a great time in rock’n’roll history.  I must confess that sometimes when looking at guitars sometimes they all seem to start looking the same.  You can only have so many quilted or flamed tops.  Although the majority of them are all beautiful I find myself wanting something more unique.

Now, I am sure some of you will say, the union jack on a guitar is not really that unique and I would agree with you.  However, to me it still is something that you don’t see everyday.  In fact I don’t know anybody in my circles that has one.  So if you want to be somewhat unique, then owning a guitar with a union jack on it may fit the bill.

Enter The Hadean EG-462 Flag Antiquity

Hadean EG-462So right now you can pick up the Hadean EG-462 Flag Antiquity at Rondo music.  Now I am not sure how Rondo comes up with the names of the guitars they sell but let’s just call it the union jack strat from now on to make things easier.

Obviously what stands out about this guitar, and why you would buy it, is because it has the union jack on it, nobody else you know has one and you would be “that guy” with the union jack strat.

The other reason you would buy this guitar is because is because it has got that vintage look to it but it is actually new.  This union jack strat has a solid basswood body not crappy plywood.  The guitar comes with 3 powerful single coil pickups.  The neck is made of maple and the fretboard is made of rosewood.

The neck does have an adjustable truss rod so you can fine tune the playability and action of this guitar.  Capping it off is a vintage fulcrum bridge with tremolo and 6 adjustable saddles.

This is a great guitar for the beginner or intermediate or if you just want a cool guitar that you can take with you and not worry too much about it getting a scratch or scuff.

So those are a couple of reasons to buy this guitar but those are not the only reasons.  Really it is not just the two reasons mentioned to buy this guitar that make it worth considering.  There is actually a trifecta of reasons.

The last reason to make up the trifecta is the price.

If you want to know that then check it out HERE

Agile Guitars

agile telecaster guitars

Agile Telecaster Guitars

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agile telecaster guitars

If You Want a Telecaster You May Like Agile Telecaster Guitars?

Fender Telecasters are great guitars no doubt about it.   Obviously, there are various different model Tele’s that Fender offers to fit your price range.

If you know anything about Agile Guitars you know that Agile’s are also great guitars whether you are looking for a 6 string, 7 string, 8 string, 9 string or even 10 string guitar.

Agile Telecaster Guitars

Agile TC 625If you are looking to pick up a really well made, quality Telecaster guitar but are on a budget then you should do yourself a favour and check out the Agile Telecasters or, more correctly known as,  Agile TC guitars.

The Agile TC is Agile’s version of the Telecaster guitar.

The Agile TC 625 is has a traditional Telecaster style body made of 3 piece solid alder wood.  The neck of the guitar is made of maple and the fretboard on the particular model we looked at was also maple with 22 frets.

As with all Agile guitars you get Grover tuners standard with 18-1 tuning ratio.

The rest of guitar is pretty much the same as a Telecaster.  The guitar has a standard T-style fixed bridge with 3 adjustable saddles.  The Agile TC 625 also has two vintage style pickups that are single coil for that classic Telecaster sound.

This particular Agile TC 625 comes in a checkerboard finish which is kind of unique and we like it!  The guitar weighs in at a solid 9 pounds.

Agile also offers a TC 725 if you are looking for something really unique like a 7 string tele.

The added bonus of this guitar is that if you get bored playing you can always use it to play checkers on!

Check out how much this guitar is HERE.