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Agile AL Guitars


Agile has just released a new model and brought back an old model of AL guitars that we have not seen in awhile.  The new model in the AL lineup is the AL-1900.  This replaces the outgoing AL-2000.  

The big difference between the 1900 and the 2000 is that the AL-1900 comes with a bolt on neck and the finish on the backside of the neck is left natural.

The old AL model that is making a comeback is the AL-2500.  It has the set in neck like the AL-2000 had and comes with full body, neck and headstock binding.  Other than that most of the other features are the same as you will read about below.

The Agile AL series is arguably one of the best value and most affordable guitars on the market today.

The Agile AL series is one of the best Les Paul style guitars in the market for those that are looking for affordability and quality.  The Agile AL guitars come in a number of different models with varying features.  The current offerings are the Agile AL 2000, Agile AL 3010, Agile AL 3001, Agile AL 3100 and the grand-daddy of them all the Agile AL 3200. 

There are other models that are offered from time to time by Rondomusic.

Agile AL guitars have overwhelmingly positive reviews:

The Agile AL guitars have overwhelmingly positive reviews online and are offered at very affordable price points.  Each model comes in a variety of finishes. 

Which models are offered by Rondo vary and can change depending on what is currently in inventory.  Anyone that frequents Rondo’s site will know that stock is constantly changing and what you see for sale one day may not be there the next day.

Some of the main features of Agile AL guitars are as follows:

  • Solid mahogany bodies
  • Binding around the neck and body
  • Grover tuners standard
  • Dual action truss rod
  • Mahogany neck except for AL-3200 with 5 piece maple/walnut neck thru
  • Graph Tec TUSQ nut on all models except for AL-2000
  • Graph Tec  NVS2 w/Graphite String Saver saddles (AL-3001,AL-3100,AL-3200)
  • Ebony fingerboard on all models except for AL-2000

No matter which model of Agile AL guitars you buy the true value comes out when compared to a corresponding name brand counterpart. 

Simply put Agile AL guitars offer superior quality and features at a way more affordable price than much of the competition.


All of the Agile AL Guitars will perform admirably.  For the beginner and most price conscientious the Agile AL-2000 may be suitable.  The Agile AL-2000 comes with the following:

  • Solid 3 piece Mahogany body and a 1/16” B grade Maple top
  • Single binding around the body and neck
  • Ceramic covered humbucker pickups
  • Grover 102-18C tuners
  • Mahogany 2pc set neck
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Pearloid neck inlays
  • Graphite nut
  • Dual action truss rod
  • Die Cast bridge and tail piece.

However, for not a lot more money one may consider purchasing one of the Agile AL-3000 models that offers better features.  Consider the Agile AL-3200 that comes with the following features:

  • Solid Mahogany body w/body and neck contour
  • 1/16” AA grade Maple top
  • Triple binding around body, neck and head
  • Alnico V pickups
  • 4 wire tap-able high voltage pots and brass shafts
  • Grover 102-18C or G die cast nickel or gold tuners
  • 5 piece maple/walnut neck thru
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Mother of Pearl neck inlays
  • Dual action truss rod
  • Graph Tec NVS2 w/Graphite string saver saddles

In the end it all depends on what your budget is as to what Agile AL guitar will be best for you. 

The Agile AL-2000 and Agile AL-3200 are on opposite ends of the spectrum.  However, there are many models within the Agile AL-3000 series that will be very appealing for those looking for something more than the  Agile AL-2000 but less than the Agile AL-3200.


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